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2019-12-10 15:09:31



  Good morning.

  The U.S. government shutdown dragged on, Ukrainian Orthodox Christians left the Russian church, and the White House backtracked on a Syria withdrawal. Here’s the latest:

  Negotiations over the weekend appeared to offer little hope of an immediate agreement between Democrats and President Trump over his demands for a border wall. Democratic leaders have repeatedly said they would not agree to any funding for the wall. The White House is also digging in, insisting on .7 billion in wall funding, even as some Republicans have started to call for an end to the shutdown. Mr. Trump gave little ground. “They don’t like concrete, so we’ll give them steel,” he said.

  Analysis: The idea of the border wall, which advisers to Mr. Trump said they initially created to remind Mr. Trump to talk tough on immigration during his campaign, has boxed in the president. He’s now struggling to find a way to please both his core supporters and conservative skeptics who see the wall as ineffective.

  In Opinion: Our columnist David Leonhardt builds a detailed argument that Mr. Trump is demonstrably unfit for office and “must go,” but that a rushed impeachment could actually help him remain in office.

  Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide, recognized the independence of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in a four-hour ceremony in Istanbul, formalizing a split with the Russian church to which it had been tied for more than four centuries.

  Impact: In a speech at the ceremony, President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine hailed the moment as an assertion of Ukrainian independence. Both the patriarch and the new autonomous Ukrainian church say this is no schism but a sensible realignment. Political and religious leaders in Russia are outraged.

  Looking ahead: Today is Christmas in the Orthodox Church, and while a celebration of independence will be held at a cathedral in Kiev, a part of the Ukrainian church still loyal to Russia has claimed the split is against the rules. The number of parishes under Russian control now shrinks by a third, and there are fears of rising factionalism and violent clashes over church property.

  Populism on the right appears to be entering a new phase. The migration and terrorism crises that fueled its rise have eased, leaving populist leaders a stripped-down message of opposition to pluralism, multiculturalism and international cooperation. So they are manufacturing a sense of emergency, our correspondent writes.

  In France: Protests by the Yellow Vests, the first of the year, turned violent as a government ministry building was attacked and skirmishes broke out between demonstrators and the police.

  Italy: Matteo Salvini, the country’s hard-line interior minister, has brought his far-right politics into the mainstream by appealing to people with a soft aura of authenticity and an expert use of social media, documenting his everyday life of pasta and wine and Nutella while lashing at opponents.

  Hungary: The country’s populist government faced more protests this weekend over the new so-called slave law, which compels workers to put in overtime without full or immediate compensation.

  For centuries, women have been expected to stick to bad marriages in many conservative pockets of West Africa, where babies are sometimes given up for marriage in the womb. Now, lawyers, women’s associations, local officials and academics say they are seeing, across both Muslim and Christian areas, a quiet revolution.

  Details: In Niger, women face some of the worst inequality in the world. But they are daring for the first time to demand love, respect, financial stability, a healthy sex life — and, barring that, a divorce. Child marriage is also being fought, and attitudes are shifting. Our journalist followed a woman named Zalika Amadou as she petitioned for divorce at a sidewalk Islamic court.

  Quote: “These young women don’t want to suffer any more,” an Islamic judge said. “There is a solution to their problems, and they know they can find it here.” Ms. Amadou’s mother gave voice to the old way of thinking: “It’s the end of the world when a husband and wife don’t stay together.”

  Syria: President Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, rolled back Mr. Trump’s decision to rapidly withdraw from Syria, laying out conditions that could leave American forces there for months or even years.

  Ireland: Legalized abortion services started being offered in the country last week, after a referendum last year that repealed some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe.

  Golden Globes: “Bohemian Rhapsody” won best drama and its star, Rami Malek, won best actor. Alfonso Cuarón won best director for “Roma,” which also won best foreign film. Here are the winners, and a look at fashion from the red carpet.

  Germany: Personal information on nearly 1,000 lawmakers and other prominent Germans, including rappers, journalists and internet personalities, was hacked and publicized by unknown perpetrators who appeared to spare politicians on the far right.

  Russia: An explosion at an apartment complex that killed 39 people last week has illustrated the hardships that ordinary Russians are asked to endure by the government, particularly in the country’s hinterlands and industrial backwaters.

  Belgium: A ban on the Muslim and Jewish ways of ritually slaughtering animals went into effect in the new year, angering religious groups and winning praise from animal rights activists as well as many on the right.

  A debate over Arabic: Three million people use Arabic on a daily basis in France, but public schools have barely taught it, so mosques and private associations stepped in to address the educational gap. In September, the government announced a plan to shoulder the teaching, and that has set off a political debate on all sides.

  Want to tidy up? Here’s some motivation — researchers have found that a cluttered home leads to increased stress and procrastination.

  Tips for a more fulfilling life.

  Recipe of the day: Make a hearty stew of lentils, roasted eggplant and orzo.

  Here are some thoughts on pubic waxing.

  What to do if you fear you’re about to be fired.

  The annual International Consumer Electronics Show, the showcase for the world’s biggest consumer electronics companies, begins this week in Las Vegas. We asked Brian X. Chen, our lead consumer technology writer, how he manages to report on this vast trade show.

  The first CES I covered was for Wired in 2009, so this will be my 11th consecutive year. Here’s how I stay sane while reporting on one of the most sprawling and, frankly, stressful trade shows in the world.

  To help me focus on the most newsworthy topics, I do prebriefings, where companies tell me what they are going to unveil — so long as I pledge not to reveal anything early.

  For weeks, my inbox has exploded with requests for meetings, often with obscure start-ups. (In the eight hours before I wrote this, I received 85.) Sometimes I agree, but usually these pitches aren’t the right fit.

  The show covers about 2.7 million square feet, so I wear comfortable, sturdy boots. I carry my laptop, a bulky battery pack for my phone, trail mix, business cards and, most important, hand sanitizer. (Despite this precaution, I’ve returned with what we veterans call the CES plague about six times.)

  That reminds me: I should stop by the pharmacy for more hand sanitizer.

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  彩图信封新报跑狗【有】【时】【候】,【周】【阳】【对】【自】【由】【先】【遣】【军】【的】【概】【念】【充】【满】【迷】【茫】。 “【以】【人】【类】【为】【名】。” 【自】【由】【先】【遣】【军】【承】【认】【了】【被】【遗】【忘】【者】【和】【进】【化】【者】,【都】【是】【人】【类】。 【但】【是】,【由】【军】【神】【进】【化】【而】【来】【的】【那】【道】【意】【识】【呢】? 【它】【算】【是】【人】【类】【吗】? 【舍】【弃】【了】【人】【类】【形】【体】【的】,【还】【是】【人】【类】【吗】?【那】【么】【奇】【形】【怪】【状】【的】【土】【著】【又】【如】【何】【界】【定】?【还】【是】【说】,【舍】【弃】【了】【细】【胞】【结】【构】【的】,【就】【不】【算】【人】【类】【了】【吗】?



  【五】【月】【的】【气】【温】【刚】【刚】【好】,【苏】【江】【市】【刑】【支】【和】【白】【连】【市】【刑】【支】【难】【得】【进】【行】【了】【一】【次】【再】【聚】【首】。【当】【然】,【这】【并】【非】【表】【面】【意】【义】【的】【聚】【会】,【而】【是】【破】【案】【再】【聚】【首】。 【众】【人】【都】【不】【太】【想】【要】【这】【种】【在】【工】【作】【期】【间】【里】【的】【见】【面】。 【收】【了】【队】,【谢】【文】【冬】【和】【卫】【朗】【并】【排】【倚】【在】【警】【车】【后】,【一】【边】【摘】【手】【套】【指】【挥】【其】【他】【人】【行】【动】,【一】【边】【聊】【了】【几】【句】【近】【来】【发】【生】【的】【事】【情】。 【卫】【朗】:“【我】【听】【说】【你】【们】【队】【最】【近】【空】【降】

  【茜】【茜】【说】【道】:“【对】【啊】,【感】【慨】【的】【事】【情】【等】【会】【再】【说】,【先】【找】【到】【卖】【宝】【贝】【的】【地】【方】。”【【手】【中】【剑】【执】【为】【她】】【说】【道】:“【你】【们】【说】【的】【有】【道】【理】,【跟】【我】【来】【吧】。”【随】【后】【林】【枫】【等】【人】【就】【跟】【在】【【手】【中】【剑】【执】【为】【她】】【的】【身】【后】。 【林】【枫】【跟】【在】【他】【身】【后】,【一】【路】【上】【非】【常】【安】【静】,【走】【了】【一】【段】【路】【才】【看】【到】【三】【三】【两】【两】【的】【几】【十】【个】【人】,【还】【有】【两】【队】【和】【林】【枫】【他】【们】【一】【样】,【几】【个】【人】【一】【起】【扎】【堆】,【这】【么】【多】【人】彩图信封新报跑狗【新】【建】【书】、【新】【发】【章】【节】【都】【在】【上】【午】,【吃】【晚】【饭】【才】【有】【站】【短】【通】【知】【过】【了】【审】【核】,【真】【是】【不】【容】【易】【啊】! 【吁】—— 【新】【书】【总】【算】【是】【出】【炉】【了】,【还】【请】【各】【路】【看】【官】【鉴】【阅】。 【当】【然】,【粉】【嫩】【新】【书】【必】【不】【可】【少】【三】【百】【六】【十】【一】【度】【打】【滚】【求】【点】【击】、【推】【荐】、【收】【藏】! 【书】【名】:【东】【瀛】【之】【祸】;【书】【号】:15122608405581304 【以】【上】。 .

  【艾】【伦】【的】【获】【胜】,【出】【乎】【所】【有】【人】【的】【意】【料】。 【所】【有】【人】【都】【处】【在】【了】【震】【惊】【之】【中】,【满】【眼】【皆】【是】【不】【可】【思】【议】。 【赢】【了】! 【居】【然】【赢】【了】【两】【个】【魔】【君】! 【艾】【伦】【落】【到】【了】【地】【面】【上】,【黑】【色】【羽】【翼】【重】【新】【收】【敛】【了】【起】【来】,【恢】【复】【成】【了】【寻】【常】【模】【样】,【只】【是】【黑】【色】【的】【眼】【眸】【不】【曾】【有】【过】【变】【化】,【冰】【冷】【且】【平】【静】。 【他】【转】【头】【望】【向】【了】【昔】【拉】【和】【亚】【伯】【罕】【所】【属】【的】【魔】【将】【们】。 【只】【一】【个】【眼】【神】,【众】【人】

  【胤】【国】【二】【十】【年】,【春】。 【已】【经】【五】【十】【一】【岁】【的】【姬】【子】【奕】,【当】【朝】【宣】【布】【退】【位】,【让】【太】【子】【姬】【邦】【安】【择】【日】【登】【基】。 【因】【这】【项】【决】【定】,【只】【有】【姬】【子】【奕】【的】【几】【名】【亲】【信】【知】【晓】,【故】【而】【一】【经】【宣】【布】,【满】【朝】【哗】【然】,【作】【为】【主】【角】【的】【姬】【邦】【安】【都】【愣】【了】【半】【天】。 【文】【武】【百】【官】【纷】【纷】【跪】【下】【相】【劝】,【却】【被】【姬】【子】【奕】【摆】【手】,【唤】【了】【起】【来】:“【朕】【老】【了】,【厌】【政】【了】,【太】【子】【这】【些】【年】【参】【与】【朝】【政】,【进】【退】【有】【度】,【政】

  “【勤】【工】【俭】【学】?【儿】【子】!【你】【缺】【钱】【了】?【之】【前】【妈】【不】【是】【额】【外】【给】【了】【你】【一】【千】【多】【块】【钱】【吗】?【这】【么】【快】【就】【用】【完】【了】?”【贺】【云】【老】【妈】【一】【听】,【顿】【时】【就】【把】【手】【中】【的】【碗】【给】【放】【下】【了】,【一】【脸】【惊】【咦】【的】【看】【着】【贺】【云】【说】【道】。 “【妈】!【不】【是】【你】【想】【得】【那】【样】!【我】【不】【缺】【钱】!【我】【这】【学】【的】【不】【是】【工】【商】【专】【业】【嘛】,【这】【导】【师】【鼓】【励】【我】【们】【勤】【工】【俭】【学】,【说】【是】【这】【样】【可】【以】【理】【论】【与】【实】【践】【结】【合】,【对】【我】【们】【学】【习】【上】【有】【帮】【助】

  【热】【气】【随】【着】【时】【间】【缓】【缓】【散】【去】,【碗】【中】【茶】【汤】【渐】【近】【温】【凉】,【侍】【茶】【的】【少】【女】【撤】【下】【孙】【苏】【合】【与】【风】【鸾】【法】【师】【面】【前】【的】【茶】【碗】,【取】【出】【另】【一】【套】【考】【究】【的】【茶】【具】,【重】【新】【沏】【茶】【奉】【上】,【如】【是】【这】【般】【已】【经】【是】【第】【三】【次】【了】,【其】【间】【风】【鸾】【法】【师】【正】【襟】【危】【坐】,【绒】【毛】【雪】【白】【的】【耳】【朵】【直】【直】【立】【起】,【细】【听】【孙】【苏】【合】【详】【说】【始】【末】。 【孙】【苏】【合】【从】【自】【己】【在】【便】【利】【店】【里】【接】【到】【狸】【华】【老】【爷】【的】【电】【话】【开】【始】【说】【起】,【将】【今】【夜】【一】【战】【事】


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