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2019-12-10 15:09:25


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  Happy Presidents’ Day! If you’re fortunate enough to have the day off from work, the most important thing on your to-do list today is to actually take the day off. Studies have shown that “people only send 40 percent less email” on holiday Mondays compared with regular Mondays. (Thank you, smartphones and tablets.)

  So, great, we’re all out of work mode and ready to enjoy the day. But what to do? Here are a few suggestions on how best to spend your day off.

  Fix your finances

  This series on personal finance is a great starting place to get your money life in order. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of financial literacy, we have something for you:

  Spend Money Where You Spend the Most Time

  What to Do When You’re Bad at Money

  We’re All Afraid to Talk About Money. Here’s How to Break the Taboo.

  What I Learned From Tracking My Spending for a Month

  Our Favorite Tools to Stay on Top of Your Financial Life

  The Benefits of Sharing Your Salary

  Start by taking out everything — yes, everything. You will be tempted to leave some things behind in the name of saving time (“I can just clean around that box of baking soda”). Resist this temptation! Removing everything all at once will be far less time consuming than trying to clean around anything. Read more »

  It can be tough to get the whole family together for a meal. Work, school, sports practices and other obligations all seem to get in the way. But studies show that families who dine at home together are happier and healthier. Read more »

  Yeah, yeah, you’ll get to it sometime — it’s the little fib we all tell ourselves to get out of doing the things on our to-do list that are hanging over our head. But today is a great day just to get it done! Send that email, finish up that task at home, send that holiday thank-you note you still haven’t gotten around to. Whatever it is, just do it. You’ll feel so much better, I promise. Read more »

  It’s never the wrong time to think about what you want in your career, so today is as good a day as any. At the very least: Start thinking about how you’ll ask for a raise this year. Read more »

  Not much more to say here! Give yourself permission to plant in front of the TV today, recharge your batteries and get a good night’s sleep. It might even make you more productive at work this week. Read more »

  Tweet me @timherrera and let me know what you get up to, and have a great week!

  — Tim

  Should You Take That Promotion? Well, Maybe. A step up isn’t always a step in the right direction.

  How to Make Time with Family and Loved Ones Count. We get it, we’re all busy. But real, meaningful relationships thrive when they’re face-to-face. Here’s how to make time for them.

  Renting Cars With a Debit Card Is Made Easier at Dollar and Thrifty. The sister companies, seeking to attract people without credit cards, are eliminating a credit check and reducing the “hold” amount they temporarily remove from a checking account.

  Gift Cards Are the New Sympathy Cards. Credits for Seamless, Uber Eats and the like are a very 21st-century way to support a grieving friend.

  All the Ways We’ll Beat the Winter Blues This Season. Novelty tips for people with moods.

  How to Be a Green Traveler. You may live a sustainable lifestyle at home, but what about while on vacation? Here are some practical steps you can take to limit your impact on the environment.

  This week I’ve invited cleaning expert and S.L. contributor Jolie Kerr to give us the dirty details on cleaning our phones.

  By now, you probably know that your phone is extraordinarily dirty. Maybe you’ve read that Time article that declared cell phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, or maybe you’re reading this on a phone that’s streaked with visible fingerprints and tiny dots of dried spittle from that sneezing fit you had an hour ago. Or possibly you’re reading this in the bathroom and I needn’t say more!

  The bad news is that, indeed, your cell phone is disgusting. The good news is that cleaning it requires nothing more than inexpensive, readily available rubbing alcohol. Which will help to sweeten the next piece of news to share: You need to be cleaning your phone way, way, way more often than you are. Once a week would be good; once a day (yes) would be better.

  While the products are simple, technique is important to preserving the health of your cell phone — don’t spray the rubbing alcohol (or any kind of liquid) directly onto the phone. Rather, apply it to a microfiber cloth and use it to wipe the screen and the back (or case) of the phone. Another good option is to buy a box of pre-moistened alcohol wipes and stash a few individually wrapped packets in a handbag or laptop case for easy cleaning on the go.



  跑狗贴吧101期【一】【场】【连】【绵】【三】【日】【的】【雨】【水】【洗】【净】【尘】【埃】,【灼】【然】【日】【光】【将】【草】【木】【枝】【叶】【晒】【得】【粲】【然】【发】【亮】。【碧】【凝】【拉】【开】【蕾】【丝】【帘】【布】,【探】【首】【向】【外】【望】【去】,【露】【水】【未】【晞】【沿】【着】【玻】【璃】【滚】【过】,【似】【珍】【珠】【粒】【粒】【分】【明】。 “【碧】【凝】!”【吕】【雁】【筠】【正】【俏】【生】【生】【立】【在】【窗】【下】,【隔】【着】【不】【近】【不】【远】【的】【距】【离】,【碧】【凝】【正】【巧】【能】【看】【见】【她】【一】【袭】【鹅】【黄】【衣】【裙】,【朝】【楼】【上】【的】【人】【挥】【舞】【手】【臂】。 【雁】【筠】【的】【唇】【角】【朝】【上】【微】【微】【翘】【着】,【勾】【勒】【出】【极】

  【不】【多】【时】,【陈】【泽】【来】【到】【了】【神】【盾】【局】【那】【标】【志】【性】【的】【三】【曲】【翼】【大】【楼】。 【现】【在】【已】【经】【是】【夜】【晚】,【接】【近】【凌】【晨】【时】【分】【了】,【整】【个】【三】【曲】【翼】【大】【楼】【依】【旧】【是】【灯】【火】【通】【明】。 “【真】【是】【壮】【观】【啊】。”【看】【着】【车】【窗】【外】【壮】【观】【的】【一】【幕】,【陈】【泽】【不】【禁】【感】【慨】。 【一】【路】【兜】【兜】【转】【转】,【原】【本】【陈】【泽】【还】【想】【要】【认】【一】【下】【神】【盾】【局】【总】【部】【的】【路】,【但】【是】【没】【多】【久】【他】【就】【放】【弃】【了】…… 【这】【里】【距】【离】【纽】【约】【市】【郊】【至】【少】【也】【有】

  【听】【到】【白】【夜】【叉】【的】【回】【答】,【秦】【墨】【眼】【前】【一】【亮】。 “【喜】【欢】【被】【轻】【视】?【你】……【原】【来】【很】【适】【合】【调】.【教】。” “【住】【口】。” 【对】【于】【调】.【教】【美】【少】【女】,【白】【夜】【叉】【还】【是】【挺】【有】【兴】【趣】【的】,【但】【她】【并】【不】【喜】【欢】【被】【调】.【教】。 “【有】【没】【有】【兴】【趣】【成】【为】【我】【的】【宠】【物】,【包】【一】【日】【三】【餐】【和】【项】【圈】。” “【我】【拒】【绝】。” 【这】【话】【的】【既】【视】【感】【很】【严】【重】,【是】【她】【以】【前】【经】【常】【拿】【来】【调】【戏】【黑】【兔】【的】。

  【葛】【小】【华】【本】【身】【前】【往】【海】【岛】【是】【通】【过】【传】【送】【门】【的】,【回】【来】【的】【时】【候】【居】【然】【是】【坐】【船】【的】,【如】【果】【不】【是】【葛】【小】【华】【故】【意】【扯】【了】【一】【些】【谎】,【或】【者】【说】【直】【接】【不】【提】【这】【一】【茬】【的】【事】【情】,【好】【在】,【葛】【小】【华】【本】【身】【就】【是】【奉】【公】【守】【法】【的】【好】【市】【民】,【所】【以】【没】【有】【引】【起】【有】【关】【部】【门】【的】【注】【意】。 【到】【了】【粤】【东】【的】【葛】【小】【华】【也】【不】【会】【直】【接】【回】【去】,【这】【里】【他】【也】【是】【有】【房】【子】【的】,【而】【且】【已】【经】【装】【修】【完】【毕】【了】,【也】【住】【过】【一】【段】【时】【间】,

  “【亲】【家】,【你】【看】【看】【什】【么】【时】【候】【方】【便】,【咱】【们】【是】【不】【是】【赶】【紧】【把】【婚】【事】【给】【办】【了】。” 【老】【爷】【子】【一】【番】【寒】【暄】【加】【称】【赞】【后】【终】【于】【忍】【不】【住】【说】【出】【自】【己】【的】【想】【法】,【他】【巴】【不】【得】【老】【大】【快】【点】【结】【婚】【好】【给】【他】【生】【个】【重】【孙】【重】【孙】【女】【什】【么】【的】,【再】【说】,【老】【大】【这】【么】【多】【年】【一】【直】【独】【来】【独】【往】,【身】【边】【连】【个】【像】【样】【的】【女】【性】【朋】【友】【都】【没】【有】,【又】【从】【来】【不】【出】【入】【那】【种】【风】【月】【场】【合】,【有】【时】【候】【他】【都】【担】【心】【这】【小】【子】【是】【不】【是】*跑狗贴吧101期【月】【色】【如】【霜】,【星】【罗】【密】【布】,【整】【个】【白】【湖】【别】【墅】【区】【仿】【佛】【笼】【罩】【了】【一】【层】【薄】【如】【蝉】【翼】【的】【轻】【纱】,【朦】【胧】【而】【美】【丽】。 【孟】【紫】【怡】【侧】【坐】【在】【胡】【靖】【扬】【床】【边】,【握】【住】【他】【青】【筋】【隆】【结】【的】【大】【手】,【笑】【容】【姣】【妍】,【眺】【望】【着】【落】【地】【窗】【外】【摇】【摇】【曳】【曳】【的】【木】【瓜】【树】【和】【苹】【果】【树】,【柔】【声】【细】【语】,“【靖】【扬】,【院】【子】【里】【的】【木】【瓜】【树】【和】【苹】【果】【树】【都】【长】【大】【了】,【三】【年】【前】【它】【们】【还】【是】【两】【棵】【小】【树】【呢】,【现】【今】,【已】【是】【根】【深】【叶】【茂】【了】。

  “【若】【是】【陵】【少】【说】【那】【太】【微】【令】【除】【了】【是】【太】【微】【宫】【身】【份】【的】【象】【征】【更】【是】【一】【把】【钥】【匙】,【和】【海】【棠】【宫】【有】【何】【关】【系】?”【牧】【少】【坤】【问】【道】。 【就】【在】【牧】【少】【坤】【发】【问】【之】【际】,【迦】【陵】【突】【然】【脑】【海】【一】【个】【念】【头】【一】【闪】,【她】【忙】【将】【其】【捉】【住】,【虽】【不】【能】【确】【定】,【倒】【觉】【得】【是】【一】【种】【可】【能】,【于】【是】【她】【便】【对】【牧】【少】【坤】【笑】【了】【笑】:“【少】【坤】【兄】【果】【然】【不】【亏】【为】【名】【捕】,【你】【所】【说】【的】【这】【几】【点】,【我】【刚】【刚】【突】【然】【有】【了】【一】【个】【想】【法】,【也】【可】

  【沈】【汀】【兰】【勾】【了】【勾】【唇】,【没】【有】【说】【话】,【嗯】,【有】【两】【个】【美】【人】【跟】【着】【她】,【她】【也】【很】【高】【兴】,【她】【一】【定】【会】【保】【护】【好】【美】【人】【的】。 【雷】【仙】【儿】【看】【了】【她】【一】【眼】,【在】【心】【里】【翻】【了】【个】【白】【眼】,【一】【开】【始】【还】【以】【为】【这】【位】【魏】【国】【候】【有】【多】【难】【缠】,【以】【为】【对】【方】【定】【是】【心】【思】【莫】【测】【之】【辈】,【结】【果】,【就】【是】【个】【小】【姑】【娘】,【还】【是】【个】【喜】【欢】【美】【人】【的】【小】【姑】【娘】。 【跟】【着】【她】,【自】【己】【反】【正】【是】【受】【不】【了】【什】【么】【委】【屈】【的】。 【驿】【馆】【里】

  【奥】【托】【有】【些】【惊】【讶】,【向】【托】【马】【西】【斯】【询】【问】【道】:“【他】【们】【这】【是】?” “【笼】【子】【里】【装】【的】【是】【精】【灵】,【从】【北】【方】【来】【的】【精】【灵】【通】【常】【可】【以】【买】【个】【好】【价】【钱】。”【托】【马】【西】【斯】【低】【声】【解】【释】,“【不】【过】【这】【种】【买】【卖】【在】【市】【面】【上】【是】【被】【禁】【止】【的】,【这】【人】【估】【计】【准】【备】【拿】【到】【隐】【秘】【市】【场】【上】【交】【易】。” “【隐】【秘】【市】【场】?【那】【是】【什】【么】?” 【尖】【啸】【声】【越】【来】【越】【近】,【奥】【托】【看】【着】【地】【图】,【对】【方】【是】【从】【小】【镇】【中】【心】【的】【方】



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